Getting started with Atomic is simple and fast

Project generator

npm init @atomico

Recommended installation, allows you to create a dynamic environment to start with Atomico, supports :

  1. Import script from html, similar to Parceljs.

  2. Live reload.

  3. multiple input files.

  4. Dinamic import.

  5. Export through expressions, eg src/components/*-*.js,

  6. Automatic optimization.

  7. Javascript and Typescript.

Custom environments

Step 1, Npm

npm install atomico

Step 2, Configure babel JSX pragma

Atomico uses the letter h for the JSX declaration, the following configuration is recommended for babel.

"plugins": [
["@babel/plugin-transform-react-jsx", {
"pragma": "h", // default pragma is React.createElement

The use of the JSX is optional you can use Template string and skip the 2 step.