Create a local state in the web-component


let [state, setState] = useState(initialState);


  • state : Any, is the current state of the hook.

  • setState : Function, allows to modify the current state.

    if it is a function it will be executed receiving as argument the current state to return the next state

  • initialState : Any, is the initial state.

    If it is a function, it will be executed to return the initial state


import { h, useState } from "atomico";
function WebComponent(){
let [count, setCount] = useState(0);
function increment() {
setCount(count + 1);
return <host>
count : {count}
<button onclick={increment}>increment</button>


  • count : Number, is the current state, initialized as 0.

  • increment : Function, callback dispatching the state increase .