Atomico now introduces a new hook called useAbortController, which allows aborting the execution of asynchronous calls, example:

The idea is to create an instance of AbortController every time the hook's parameters change. Each parameter change will abort the previously generated controller, thus cancelling any subscribed promises.


import { useAsync, useAbortController } from 'atomico';

async function getUser(id: number, signal: AbortSignal) {
  return fetch(`/id/${id}`, { signal });

function myComponent({ userId }: Props<typeof myComponent>) {
  const { signal } = useAbortController([userId]);

  const user = useAsync(getUser, [userId, signal]);

  return <host>{}</host>;

myComponent.props = { userId: { type: Number, value: 0 } };

The significant advantage of using useAbortController is the automatic cancellation of asynchronous processes that depend on it when modifying the arguments provided to useAbortController (similar to useEffect).

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