This package is used by @atomico/react and @atomico/vue to retrieve the tagName of the customElement registered through customElements.define

Additionally, this package offers other utilities.


This is an optional import module that allows coexistence of multiple versions of webcomponents in JSX-based environments (Atomico, React, or Preact) and Vue.

Let's first understand what is the problem of duplicate webcomponents:

According to the graph above the menu, header and form components depend on the version 1 button which exists in the root dependencies (/node_modules) but the chat component depends on the version 2 button, NPM will resolve this correctly, but still the webcomponents will point to the same tagName and that will generate an error at registration time:


import allow-deduple

import "@atomico/wrapper/allow-deduple";

The above module allows 2 webcomponents of different versions to coexist, but only when instantiating them through the JSX or Vue syntax (Only when using @atomico/vue)

Instantiate via JSX


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