Type to structure a component from its creation

import { Component } from "atomico";

// πŸ“Œ Parameters for the function and set 
//    the structure rules for myComponent.props
interface Props{
    checked: boolean;
    value: string

// πŸ“Œ Optional, improves the typing experience 
//    in JSX (Atomico, Preact and React)
interface MetaProps {
    myMethod:(value: number)=>void;
    onMyEvent: Event;

const myComponent: Component<Props, MetaProps> = (props) => {
    const myMethod = (value: number)=>{};
    return <host myMethod={myMethod }></host>

myComponent.props = {
    checked: Boolean,
    value: { type: String, event: {type: "MyEvent"} },

The declaration const myComponent: Component<Props, MetaProps> defines at the Typescript level the types of props and other options with which the component should be structured.

This process is strict but makes autocompletion and error detection easier in the component declaration.

Some warnings that this type can create are:

  1. The declaration of the prop in myComponents.props does not match the type declared in Props.

  2. A props declaration is missing.

  3. Props has invalid metadata, example reflect has been defined for a Promise type.

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