Event declaration

Atomico supports through the use of the Host type, the declaration of events and methods, this is useful for associating meta-types to the customElement instance when using JSX or TSX.

Host to declare events

Host will be useful for you to declare your event using JSX or TSX regardless of its origin, example:

import { Host, c, useEvent } from "atomico";

function myComponent(): Host<{
  onMyCustomEvent: Event
}> {
  const dispatch = useEvent("MyCustomEvent");
  return <host>
      <button onclick={dispatch}>click</button>

export const MyComponent = c(myComponent);

The use of Host allows that when using JSX or TSX your event is validated through Typescript, this also applies when using @atomico/react, example:

import { MyComponent } from "my-componnet";

  onMyCustomEvent={(event) => {
    event.currentTarget; //  < MyComponent

Note event.currentTarget accesses the CustomElement, example properties and more.

That has another benefit, capturing the event as a type to be used in an external handler, example:

function handlerMyCustomEvent(
  event: DOMEvent<"MyCustomEvent", typeof MyComponent>
) {
  event.currentTarget; //  < MyComponent

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