You can create amazing webcomponents

Atomico makes it easy to build components with less code, better readability, and better reusability.

We invite you to discover part of the development experience you will get with Atomico:

Create really fast webcomponents

Quick components to write since with Atomico you will require fewer lines of code to declare your webcomponents which will help you to be more productive

Fast in performance, since Atomico sends less code to the client, making your interface load quickly

Create web components with less code

This is thanks to a functional orientation inherited from React hooks plus some internal optimization from Atomic that ease the process of shaking the tree at compile time, achieving in this way sending the client a highly optimized JS that only has what you really use

Create webcomponents with a functional orientation

This is thanks to Atomico's reliance on React hooks syntax plus the ability to completely eliminate the need for this when using webcomponents.

Create friendly webcomponents for React, Vue and other libraries

Atomic offers additional coverage for native behavior for React and Vue, allowing your component to be more embed-friendly, example React:

import { Button } from "@formas/button/react";

function App(){
   return <>
      <h1>React App!</h1>
      <Button onClick={()=>console.log("Click!")}>

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