Is it advisable to declare events using the props API?

It is not recommended to use the props API to create an event, as this callback associated as props will have the following limitations:

  1. Its name cannot have the on prefix since, if it does, Atomico will recognize it as a property expecting to listen to the event.

  2. It can only have one listener, limiting others from observing the event.

We recommend:

  1. Using the useEvent hook to dispatch component-level events or any custom hook.

  2. Using the Prop.event API to dispatch events when the observed prop changes.

Always prefer the two previously mentioned methods, as they allow you to:

  1. Define if the event bubbles.

  2. Define if the event is cancelable.

  3. Define if the bubbling event can penetrate the shadow DOM.

  4. Define a custom constructor for the event.

  5. Having multiple listeners for the event

Cuando se busca comunicar parametros o leer el retorno de este, ejemplo:

const MyForm = c(
  ({ getPosts }) => {
    const posts = useAsync(getPosts, []);

    return <host></host>;
    props: {
      getPosts: {
        type: Function,
        value: async (): Promise<{ id: number; title: string }[]> => [],

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