@atomico/exports aims to be the solution to facilitate the construction of the metadata in your package.json necessary for publishing on NPM or at the monorepo level with workspaces.

Atomico export is a solution that parses the output of compilers like vite, esbuild, typescript, rollup or other bundle tool.

Atomico export is also compatible with uncompiled code (standard Javascript).

The objective of Atomico/exports

  1. Make your package look elegant when imported by other applications, example:

import { Button } from "components/dist/button.js"; // ❌
import { Button } from "components/button"; // βœ…

2. Create wrappers for React/Preact/Vue of webcomponents created with Atomico

import { Button } from "components/button/react"; 


npm install -D @atomico/exports

@atomico/exports is distributed as ESM, so your package.json must define the property "type":"module" for its use.

🚩CLI and FlagsπŸ€–Wrapper for React

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