You can create websites

Creating sites with Atomico is really easy and SEO friendly because:

  1. With Atomico you can perform SSR and SSG thanks to tools like Astro build, with Astro + Atomico you can send previously rendered components to the client, thus giving a result at the HTML level that is really friendly with search engines.

  2. Atomico being really small (3kB) your sites will load fast, especially if you only apply SSG with Atomico.

  3. Atomico not only supports SSR through Astro, you can SSR today with Atomico in Next.js, Express or any environment that supports ESM modules.

  4. (Coming soon) Yes, with Atomico soon you will be able to create blocks for Gutenberg easily

We recommend for SSR or SSG based sites

we recommend you for new projects

We recommend the use of Astro build with the @atomico/astro plugin, with this you can create sites like

we recommend you for projects based on React

Preferably we recommend Astro + React + Atomico, but in case your project inherits the use of Next.js you can do SSR with Atomico in Next.js using @atomico/react.

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