You can create design systems

Today Atomico is used in the development of design systems for various industries such as Banking, Pledge Systems, Insurance, Clinical, Government and more.

Many teams decide to use Atomico for the development of their design systems thanks to its similarity with React, which greatly facilitates the incorporation of human talent into the development of design systems.

Why use Atomico to create design systems?

  1. Atomico offers you Storybook 7 Support with superpowers, thanks to @atomico/storybook you can create stories without the need to declare the argTypes or args since @Atomico/storybook creates them for you

  2. @atomico/vite makes it easy for you to build in NPM-friendly ESM format

  3. @atomico/exports makes it easy for you to export your code by automatically adding the metadata so that it is optimally consumed as a package, @atomico/exports can even automatically create wrappers for React, Preact and Vue

  4. @atomico/potscss-tokens makes it easy for you to maintain a token system efficiently and sustainably

Use cases


We thank IBM IX since they have shared their experience in the development of the design system for their client Barmer, you can follow this case through Discord or Github.

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